My writing work includes a good range of different styles and mediums, from long form articles, SEO-focused pieces, listicles, emailers and of course, social media posts and adverts. 

I make it my business to understand a variety of themes and industries. And of course, I believe sound research, fact-checking and writing in plain English to be absolutely critical for success online.

Having worked in this industry for 15 years I’m well-versed in the type of writing that gets results. I like to use the tools that make my life easier (hello there, ChatGPT!) but I know that there’s no replacement for original, smart writing. Nothing improves an email open rate like a well-written subject line; social media engagement is all in the way you phrase that next post; and sometimes a long-winded blog post will perform best as a few short bullet points.

Knowing how to write effectively certainly isn’t about stringing a posy of fancy adjectives together or asking AI to spit out a keyword phrase. Rather, it’s being able to edit your wording down to get the message across smartly and get it to stick.

Want to talk to me about your brand? Get in touch.

“The artist lives to have stories to tell and to learn to tell them well.”

Criss Jami
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